Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Stump made of??

    Our Stump is made of multiple layers of high density structural foam with a hard polyurethane shell on the outside and is hand-painted with Exterior UV resistant paint. The materials we use are common to movie sets and theme parks, but we are the first to apply this technology to a portable sanitation unit. Making the Stump is labor intensive as all are hand crafted and must pass our rigorous quality standards.

  • Is the Stump made in the USA?

    Yes! They’re made in Kerrville, TX, home of 2012 Heisman Trophy Winner Johnny Manziel.

  • Is it hard to move? How do you move it?

    The Stump is lighter and easier to move than one might think. It weighs 295 lbs, is 88” tall and 80” around. You can fit a standard Stump inside the rails of a 7’ wide utility trailer and lift it on and off by hand. You can also move it with a padded truck bed, ATV trailer, skid steer or tractor with forks, etc... Always make sure the unit is properly strapped and secured prior to transporting. Once you get the unit near the location of your choice, you can push it around on the ground much like you’d move a large appliance or piece of furniture.

  • Do you have to put it together?

    No, our Stump is one solid, seamless piece, ready to use. Zero assembly is required.

  • Can you stake it down? How does it do in high winds??

    The Stump comes with three stake-down holes embedded in the body structure. For single day use in a simple setting, no stakes are required. For longer use, we recommend staking down all units with a minimum of three 24” stakes to best secure them. A properly staked down Stump should be able to withstand all but the most severe weather phenomena.

  • What additional maintenance is required?

    Very little beyond the standard pump and replace of any other porta potty unit. The domed roof has a few drain holes for rain water to run off and escape. From time to time, take 15 seconds to inspect and keep the roof and drain holes free of debris.

  • Does it block sound and scent?

    Yes, it helps greatly with both. 3-4” thick seamless walls help keep the sound and scent to a minimum and the round interior shape also helps direct interior sounds inwards. A standard pipe vent directly from the holding tank as well as air vents near the top of the unit allow for fresh air to circulate.

  • Can it hold snow?

    Yes. The Stump has a very strong dome roof. We’ve tested it with up to 1600 pounds of weight on top without failure. However, we recommend clearing snow and ice off the top before entering to minimize risk to anyone inside or around the unit.

  • How insulated is it? Can you use a heater inside?

    It’s a lot like a giant ice chest. On a hot day, it’s cooler inside, and on a cold day, it’s warmer inside. No unit is better insulated than ours. There is no need for a heater.

  • Do you make wheelchair accessible units?

    Yes! We are proud to offer a Wheelchair Accessible Version of the Stump which features a stronger/wider 34” pass through door, and reinforced floor for power chairs. It’s available by special order.

  • Will it stop bullets?

    No! The Stump, like all other units, is not bulletproof! We figure that if you’ve read this far, you’re pretty interested in what we’ve got and are equally impressed by what it does. While we think it’s the “Superman” of porta potties…it cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound or run faster than a locomotive.

  • What is the warranty on it?

    Our warranty is 1 year from date of purchase and covers Manufacturer’s Defects. The original paint in full sunlight will last over 10 years and the unit itself under normal wear and tear will last several decades.