Your players know the feeling on the 15th green. Too far from the clubhouse, too close to teeing off. You don’t want them ducking behind a bush and your female players don’t have the option of quick relief. What’s more, nobody wants to see “big blue” sitting out in the middle of a well manicured course. Rather than hiding behind a tree, why not give them the option of taking care of business INSIDE one of our trees.


The tables are set, the flowers are arranged, linens are pressed and everything is in perfect place. A quick scan of the area and only one things stands out – the rented porta potties to service the 300 guests. Even worse is that these units were on the side of the highway two weeks ago servicing roadside construction workers. The squeak of the hinges, quick slam of spring loaded doors and the feel of something just too “common.” The value of having a Nature Calls unit far outweighs the cost of upgrading to an aesthetically pleasing solution.


In the middle of the night, the main lodge might be too far. On a 12 mile hike, the main lodge is definitely too far. In either instance, there is no reason to mix plastic with trees. In sticking with a “tree on tree” theme, you’re respecting nature as well as nature’s beauty in using a Nature Calls portable sanitation unit. Light enough to be towed by an ATV into the back country, it’s the perfect compliment to its surroundings.

Residential Construction

Remodels and short term/long term city projects that require multiple contractors and sub-contractors are already a strain on the neighborhood. An increase in noise, traffic, vehicle parking, etc. doesn’t need to be compounded with an unsightly porta potty on the corner. Beyond those challenges, many municipalities have ordinances banning such units from view, making it impossible to run a tight crew. Imagine the ability to provide necessary services and enhance the neighborhood. : - )