About Us

What do you get when a master Hollywood Set Designer joins forces with a leading manufacturing facility and decides to build porta potties? An amazing alternative to the “blue box” when blending in is more important that standing out. This is something that is giving the portable sanitation industry a upgradable choice in the market with many giant leaps in technology.

Aesthetically, it completely fools the eye with no right angles, no straight lines, nothing appearing man-made with real bark texture surfaces that look and feel like the real thing down to the smallest details. But the real treat is stepping into the roomy and luxurious 6’10″ tall interior. The fully-enclosed, lockable, polyurethane shell keeps the weather and critters out, blocks sounds, blocks scents, and keeps its users comfortable year round with its industry-leading floor to ceiling seamless encapsulated insulation.

If you had to describe it in one word…perfect.

The detail is unequaled. Looks and feels exactly like a real tree even from inches away. The exterior blends in with its environment and doesn’t give the passerby a reason to “give it a second glance” while at the same time allows for the features and functionality of a porta potty to be placed in areas where its both needed and appreciated.